Top Marbella Beach Clubs for the Ultimate Seaside Experience

Prefer to avoid the hustle for a tiny spot on a crowded beach? Choose a Marbella beach club for an upgraded experience. Dive into the Mediterranean’s inviting waters, then retreat to a comfortable sun lounger — sans the damp, sandy towels. In Marbella, an array of beach clubs awaits to transform your beach day into a blend of relaxation and luxury.

Marbellas best beach clubs. An Amrein Properties guide.

La Milla

Nestled on the shores of Playa de Nagüeles, La Milla Beach Club offers an air of sophistication with its emphasis on fresh seafood and fine wines. Guests can bask in the Mediterranean’s glittering views from comfortable sun loungers shaded by elegant palm-leaf umbrellas. For those preferring to indulge in relaxation without interruption (and who could blame you?), a mouthwatering selection of king prawns or charcoal-grilled sardines can be served directly to your spot. Alternatively, a stroll along the charming wooden walkway leads to the club’s restaurant, where a menu rich with Andalusian coast specialties awaits.

El Ancla

At El Ancla, a kaleidoscope of blues welcomes you, situated just a few kilometers from Marbella in the serene San Pedro de Alcantara. Here, a sprawling saltwater pool, painted in serene turquoise, lies adjacent to a bohemian-style restaurant, with the vast Mediterranean Sea stretching on the other side. Guests have the luxury of choosing sunbeds facing either the beach’s golden sands or the tranquil pool waters. Regardless of your choice, the restaurant is a must-visit, boasting an array of exquisite seafood offerings—from a perfectly baked whole seabass in salt crust to tender tuna tartare, fresh clams, and expertly prepared sushi. For an unforgettable experience, enjoy your meal under the soft, filtered light of the canopy, all while the sun dips below the horizon, casting a golden glow over the sea.

La Plage Casanis

La Plage Casanis, a gem on Estrella de Mar beach in Elviria, has quickly established itself as a vibrant hotspot for those looking to revel in the summer festivities. Capable of accommodating up to 250 guests, this restaurant and club is the go-to destination for party enthusiasts. Guests can opt for luxurious wood-framed double sunbeds or cozy hammocks for a leisurely afternoon sway. The establishment’s interior exudes warmth and rustic elegance, accented with soft wooden decor. Its menu, rich in local culinary delights and complemented by an extensive selection of wines, promises a gastronomic journey that mirrors the area’s lush flavors and traditions.

Amrein Properties Marbella

Playa Padre

Located in the heart of Marbella on Playa del Cable, Playa Padre seamlessly blends Mediterranean and Asian culinary traditions, with a special emphasis on vegetarian offerings. Yet, the allure of Playa Padre extends beyond its innovative cuisine; the ambiance here is equally captivating. Picture yourself under the shade of whimsical palm tree umbrellas, enveloped in an air of sophistication and tranquility. As the sun sets, Playa Padre transforms into a vibrant nightlife hub, welcoming DJs, artists, and dancers to enhance your evening with their dynamic performances, inviting you to fully immerse in the local party scene.


For those in pursuit of a beach club experience that spans from the early light of dawn to the dusky hues of twilight, Chiringuito Puente Romano stands unparalleled. This seaside sanctuary offers everything from wholesome breakfasts accompanied by freshly squeezed juices to open-air dining options for lunch and dinner. As evening encroaches, the ambiance shifts, with a DJ setting the rhythm for the night. Here, under the gentle sway of palm trees, you can lose yourself in dance, cocktail in hand, fully embracing the seamless transition from day to night.

Trocadero Petit Playa

Trocadero Petit Playa, nestled along Marbella’s prestigious Golden Mile, offers the quintessential beach day setup. With its prime location, comfortable sun loungers, laid-back outdoor dining area, and tempting cocktails, it’s a haven for relaxation. Enjoy the local tradition of fish grilled al espeto, and as dusk settles, watch the tables bask in the gentle light of glowing lanterns.


Enter Naô, a realm where poolside beds, lavish bottles, and endless music create an immersive escape. Choose the seclusion of a cabana suite or engage in the vibrant scene from a pool floatie, with magnums of champagne arriving in a spectacle of colorful smoke. Just a short distance from Puerto Banus, Naô provides an array of fresh dining options, both in its restaurant and poolside. The entertainment extends beyond the daylight hours, with the club hosting exhilarating festival parties all through the peak season.

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