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Do you dream of owning a holiday home in Spain? Renowned as the globe’s second-most visited country, trailing only behind France, it welcomes over 100 million guests annually. Spain enchants with its radiant shores, crystal-clear seas, hidden coves, shimmering mountains, and hills dotted with olive trees.  Spain stands out for its unmatched hospitality, a climate that eclipses the finest summer days elsewhere, a laid-back yet rich culture, and delectable cuisine. Plus, its proximity means it’s only a brief journey away for many travels. For those in pursuit of a holiday home in Spain, here are five locations that promise not only sunshine and sandy beaches but a whole lot more.

Costa del sol

Costa del Sol in Andalusia radiates under the Spanish sun, aptly named the “Coast of the Sun” and stretches over 150 kilometers across the southern edge of the Iberian Peninsula, marking it as one of the most coveted locations for a holiday home in Spain. 

With more than 325 days of sunshine each year, it’s clear why this region attracts those dreaming of their personal haven. Málaga, the largest city in the area, provides all one could desire: an accessible airport, museums, superb traditional dining options, and surrounding territories rich with the legacies of ancient Greeks, Romans, and Moors. The majestic Sierra Nevada mountains, a mere two hours away, offer cycling enthusiasts challenging terrains and winter sports enthusiasts ski slopes during the colder months.

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Nestled along the Costa del Sol in Málaga province lies the distinguished coastal enclave of Marbella, renowned for its central feature, ‘The Golden Mile.’ This prestigious mile-long avenue is a beacon of luxury, adorned with high-end hotels, exclusive nightlife, designer fashion stores, and Michelin-starred dining. The opulent Puerto Banús Marina, a haven for the world’s most extravagant super yachts, marks the avenue’s western boundary, while Marbella’s charming town extends to the east.

The charm of Marbella has deep roots, traced back to the influence of Prince Alfonso de Hohenlohe-Langenburg, dubbed the Prince of Clubs, who inaugurated The Marbella Club Hotel in 1954. This event marked the beginning of Marbella’s rise as a magnet for celebrities and royal figures worldwide. The locale has since evolved into one of Spain’s premier spots for securing a luxury holiday home.

Marbella offers a picturesque setting where the golden sands of the Mediterranean meet the imposing Sierra Blanca mountains, providing a dramatic backdrop. This city caters to all tastes, offering endless stretches of beach and an abundance of fresh seafood, ensuring a slice of paradise for every visitor.


Ibiza, located within the Balearic Islands off the eastern coast of Spain, stands as an emblematic beacon among the nation’s cherished getaways. Among its siblings, Ibiza shines brightly as a global epicentre for nightlife, annually attracting top international DJs and revellers to its legendary dance floors.

Yet, beyond its vibrant party scene, Ibiza reveals a serene and culturally rich side. The island embodies a dual nature, seamlessly blending the chic bohemian lifestyle with electrifying nightlife, set against a backdrop of crystal-clear waters and hidden coves. Its historical heart, the Ibiza Old Town, is a UNESCO World Heritage site, where Renaissance-era buildings line the ancient, winding streets, offering a glimpse into the island’s layered past.

Ibiza is a destination of contrasts, where every visitor finds their rhythm, from tranquil retreats to lively beats. It’s a place where the essence of luxury coexists with the spirit of adventure, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a dynamic holiday home experience in Spain.

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Mallorca, celebrated as the Mediterranean’s crown jewel, stands as the largest island in the Balearic cluster and a prime choice for those considering a holiday home in Spain. This island is revered for its breathtaking limestone mountain ranges, secluded bays, pristine waters, and Palma, its historic and vibrant Roman capital, offering a diverse and stunning landscape.

For a touch of glamour, venture to Puerto Portals, Mallorca’s premier luxury marina, perfect for an afternoon of people and yacht watching. Alternatively, explore Cap de Formentor, situated at the northern tip of the island, where you’ll be greeted with spectacular views of the sea and mountains. This area is also home to art galleries and citrus orchards in the adjacent towns, enriching your experience with the island’s natural and cultural beauty.

Costa Blanca

Costa Blanca, affectionately known as the “White Coast,” stretches over 200 kilometres along the southeastern shores of Spain, from Dénia in the north to Pilar de la Horadada in the south. This region, a beacon for tourists since the 1950s, is celebrated for its breathtaking vistas and iconic cities such as Alicante and Valencia.

Alicante, nestled in the southeast of Costa Blanca, boasts expansive sandy beaches, the historic Barrio de la Santa Cruz, vibrant nightlife, and avenues lined with palm trees. Valencia, situated about 156 kilometres north of Alicante, is famed as a hub of arts and sciences, as well as the reputed birthplace of Paella. The broader area is dotted with stunning nature reserves, featuring coastal caves, waterfalls, and rugged mountain terrains, appealing to those seeking adventure.

Owning a holiday home in Costa Blanca means immersing yourself in Spain’s rich and varied landscapes. Here, you can enjoy sailing and diving in the Mediterranean, mountain climbing across over 50 peaks (ranking it as Spain’s second most mountainous region), playing on one of the 18 world-class golf courses, or unwinding on any of the 71 blue flag beaches.

Are you dreaming of owning a holiday home in Marbella? Celebrated for its outstanding cuisine, one of the region’s best-preserved historical towns, and endless days of sunshine. With Amrein Properties, we can effortlessly turn this into reality. Picture yourself in an elegant villa that offers serene views of the town’s prestigious golf courses and the splendid Sierra Blanca mountain range, or perhaps in a secluded townhouse-style villa, where privacy and stunning 360-degree panoramic views come as standard. Marbella is the perfect setting for those seeking both luxury and comfort amidst Spain’s captivating beauty.

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